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Help Make 288 Affordable Homes Available in Solano County

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Affordable Rentals Needed Now!

Even before the pandemic, Solano County was suffering an affordable housing crisis. As COVID-19 continues to create widespread economic instability, many Solano residents are unsure where their next paycheck will come from and don’t know if they will be able to afford their next rent payment.

Elected officials have not done enough to ensure affordable housing for Solano residents. An easy solution is available to provide nearly 300 affordable homes – but we need our elected leaders to help make them a reality.

Support the Georgetown Affordable Housing Project!

Georgetown is former military housing located just outside of Travis Air Force Base. These existing units only need to be revitalized to become much needed affordable housing for Solano residents. However, Travis Air Force Base has been unwilling to reconnect the sewer and water to the property, making revitalization impossible.

What Could Be? 288 Affordable Units!

  • 58 Four Bedroom Affordable Units
  • 26 Three Bedroom Units
  • 204 Two Bedroom Units

And 48 of these would be set aside for veterans in our community!

Tell the Fairfield City Council that we need their help to make this housing a reality by sending a letter today!