For Immediate Release: April 13, 2021Contact: Anthony York

Solano Supervisors Decry Lack of Affordable Housing for Constituents, Yet Oppose Nearly 300 Units of Proposed Affordable Homes

The Solano County Board of Supervisors has taken a “do as I say, not as I do” approach to affordable housing, talking about the need for new housing while voting to oppose projects that would help the county meet its state requirements for low-income residents.

Just a few weeks after voicing their opposition to a proposal to bring nearly 300 units of new affordable housing for low and very low-income residents, members of the board were quoted publicly talking about the need to build more shelter for the very residents that would be served by the Georgetown project.

“We have all these Section 8 out there, but we don’t have any housing to house folks. Somehow, we’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do,” said Supervisor Monica Brown at the Board’s April 6 meeting. Weeks earlier, Brown and her colleagues voted to oppose the Georgetown affordable housing project in Fairfield.

“It’s ironic that Solano County is pointing fingers for their lack of affordable housing, when they’ve gone out of their way to oppose projects in their County,” says Sonja Trauss, Executive Director of YIMBY Law. “Georgetown could offer nearly 300 units of very low- and low-income housing, at no cost to anyone but the developers. Instead of finding solutions to bring Georgetown online, they find reasons to oppose homes for nearly 1,000 of their constituents. It’s baffling.”

The Georgetown project will bring nearly 300 units of 100% affordable homes to Solano County, with 90 percent of units available for low-income individuals and families and the remaining 10 percent for very-low-income. Supporters and community members have criticized the Board’s opposition of Georgetown, despite the Supervisors’ admitted lack of jurisdiction and crucial need of affordable housing for their constituents.

Supervisor Mitch Mashburn iterated his desire to build more affordable homes for veterans. Georgetown has earmarked 48 units for veterans, with staff support and services. Despite input from veterans’ advocates and carveouts for veteran supportive housing, the Board still moved to oppose the Georgetown project. Since 2014, Fairfield has permitted less than 12% of low and very low-income units required under their Housing Element.

“The Solano County Supervisors claim to be prioritizing housing for veterans, but aren’t listening to the needs of the veteran community. We made a direct plea for their support of the Georgetown project, which boasts 48 units of supportive veteran housing,” said J.R. Wilson, president of the Delta Veterans Group. “The County prides themselves on supporting Travis AFB – maybe they should support their veterans, too.”

The affordable homes at Georgetown are already supported by a growing coalition of housing groups and community organizations, including Disabled American Veterans, Department of CA, California YIMBY, Napa-Solano Building & Construction Trades Council, the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, and others.

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